Our 2022 Event Season

The 2022 season was another one for the record books at Bugsboarding, hosting a number of world-class events such as the 2022 All Terrain Boarding Association Championships, our annual Mountfest and the annual Eeb-it Championships.

We had a great year and are so excited to get the 2023 season underway in April, with a number of events already lined up to take place at our activity centre in Gloucestershire. Stay tuned and take a look at our events page for the latest updates on dates, timings and how to get hold of tickets.

2022 Eeb-it Championships

Its not all mountain boarding remember – this year mountain bikers were able to make full use of our new circuit and the airbag and we hosted numerous birthday parties throughout the season.

We already cant wait to open up the track again in April and look forward to seeing you all there!

For special requests and to check availability, please feel free to get in touch and check out our news section to see what events we have coming up this year!

alt="bugsboarding_activities" alt="bugsboarding_activities"

Mountain biker Sam Pilgrim visits the centre

Professional freeride mountain biker and former FMB world champion, Sam Pilgrim, visited the activity centre to test out our mountain bike tracks. Watch the full video here:

If you’re a keen mountain biker looking to practice your skills on our beginners slope online clomid usa or you’re looking for an extra challenge to perfect your skills, we have it all here at Bugsboarding, allowing riders to develop their tricks in an exciting and safe environment. All we ask is that you bring your own bike!

Our track is open to riders of all ages and abilities so come on down for the ultimate family day out, why not give our other activities a go whilst your here, from mountainboarding to grass sledging, we’ve got you covered.

With a range of options, from The Big G Airbag to The Dude flowline, there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into down at Bugsboarding.

Take a look at our news section to see what events we have coming up, from mountain biking to mountain boarding, there’s something for everyone!

For more, please feel free to contact us!

Bugsboarding team

2021 Season at Bugsboarding

As the nights begin to draw to a close, its almost time to put the Bugsboarding track into hibernation for the Winter and prepare it for the 2022 season, and it goes without saying that we wouldn’t have had the success that we had if it wasn’t for YOU, so thank you for a great 2021 season at Bugsboarding!

Bugsboarding team

Since April, a lot has changed in the Bugsboarding landscape, from a new bike track to the world’s first e-boarding event, we’ve been busy! So lets take a look at a few of the 2021 season’s highlights…

The Big G Airbag

Named after our dear friend George, The Big G Airbag has had it’s fair share of use in it’s first season, with boarders and bikers alike turning up for our Thursday evening sessions and throwing some shapes in at the weekends. The airbag provides riders with a safe way to practice their tricks and has been a huge success this season.

The Dude

We were so grateful to welcome our friends to the track to design and build our new bordercross. For years Bugsboarding has welcomed bikers to come practice their tricks across an array of jumps and kickers, however this year we went one step further. The Dude is named after another dear friend of ours who, thanks to his love of bikes, has inspired the next mg generation of bikers at Bugsboarding. Combined with the airbag, the bordercross has allowed Bugsboarding to open up to more mountain bikers who fancy turning their hand at mountainboarding too. A huge thank you from all of us at Bugsboarding goes to those who helped build this track, we can’t wait to enjoy it for many more seasons to come!

A World First

After a season out, this year we held not one, but two fantastic festivals, including the world’s first e-boarding event. Thanks to Amon and his team, the event was incredible and it was great to see some of the world’s best mountain boarders out on the track! We hope to see you again next year!

2021 Season at bugsboarding

The 2021 season was a huge success and once again, we really couldn’t have done it without you and the Bugsboarding team. We’ll be open for a few more weekends whilst the weather holds out, so come on down and show your support with a few final rides down the track, we’d love so see you – both new and old faces are welcome.

We hope to see you again next season, Thank you from the Bugsboarding team!

For more, please feel free to get in touch, or check out our news section to see what events we have coming up in the 2022 season!

alt="bugsboarding_activities" alt="bugsboarding_activities"


Birthday Parties at Bugsboarding

Looking for a fun, outdoor activity for birthday parties this year? Look no further than Bugsboarding! With activities available for adults and children of all ages and abilities, there’s something for every group. What’s more, our camping facilities mean the fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down. Take a look at what we offer:

alt="bugsboarding_activities" alt="bugsboarding_activities"

With activities ranging from grass sledging to mountain boarding on the Big G Airbag, there’s fun to be had by riders of all ages and experience, making Bugsboarding the ideal spot for birthday parties! Book your slot now to make sure that you don’t miss out!

For more, please feel free to get in touch, or check out our news section to see buying american clomid online what events we have coming up this year!

The World’s First E-Boarding Event

This August brings with it a new exciting development for Bugsboarding, the first e-boarding event – an electric all terrain open!


Join us for a day of family fun and great competition as we watch some of the best mountain boarders out there take on the Bugsboarding track on electric mountain boards. With space for camping buy cheap clomid onlinand caravan hook-ups, why not make a weekend of it and join us right the way through to Sunday! Just make sure to get in touch to book your over night spot.

Timings for the e-boarding event are as follows:


Afternoon – arrivals


08:00 – 10:00 – Registration

10:00 – 10:15 – Riders Briefing

10:30 – 13:00 – eBoarderX

15:30 – 17:30 – TT

18:00 – 18:15 – eBoarderX and TT Prize Giving


09:00 – 10:00 -Registration

10:00 – 10:15 – Riders Briefing

10:30 – 12:00 – ePrix Qualifying

13:30 – 15:30 – ePrix Finals

16:00 – 16:30 – ePrix, Team Challenge and Overall

The event doesn’t stop at just one track, from the Big G airbag to perfect those jumps to the E-boarder X track for the more advanced boarders, the e-boarding event is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for riders and spectators.


The forecast is looking great, the track is ready to go, all we need now is you! No need to book online clomid usa in advance, come on down on the 13th-15th of August to witness some of the best mountain boarders take on the e-boarding event! We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more, check out our Facebook and our Instagram!

The Big G Airbag at Bugsboarding

With the start of the new season at Bugsboarding comes the introduction of the highly anticipated airbag named after our dear friend George and it is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for riders of all ages. The airbag allows individuals on mountainboards and bikes to perfect their skills and push their limits in a safe and fun way, all you need to do is let us know if you think you’re up to it!


The airbag adds that perfect boost of confidence for riders to practice their tricks in a safe and controlled environment and what’s more, it acts as a great inspiration tool for riders just starting out. Furthermore, not only does the airbag security the impact from landing jumps, it is also a great hygienic alternative to commonly used foam pits and explains why even athletes at the top of their game are turning to order clomid tablets it to improve their freestyle moves.

Situated to the right of the track, the airbag allows riders to attempt the border cross and the grass slope whilst waiting for their turn, with Jimmy waiting at the bottom in the lift truck to provide a handy lift back to the top again. We hold day and evening sessions for avid riders so if the airbag is an activity that you fancy taking on at Bugsboarding, just give us a call to book.

Take a look at our Instagram and Facebook for more!

Bugsboarding Activity Centre Open

We’re back on the scene for 2021, kicking off the season with the introduction of the new air bag, fresh new tracks and much more. Bugsboarding activity centre is now open for the season, so whether it’s family grass sledging, mountain boarding, biking or even a bit of camping that you’re after, we can guarantee there’ll be something for you! The centre provides activities for all ages, and group sizes, so please do get in touch to book, we are open every weekend from April – October and every weekday during the school holidays, give us a ring to book or alternatively feel free to turn up for a great family day out!


The season got underway with sone fresh new tracks being built, suiting mountain boarders of all abilities, alongside the introduction of our new air bag to help you perfect your jumps. For those looking for a new challenge and to improve their tricks safely, the airbag is great and has been a hugely popular addition to the track this year. As always, Mountfest was a huge success this year and we already cannot wait to do it all over again – stay tuned for more events coming up!

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Take a look at our instagram to see Bugsboarding activity centre visitors in action, or for more, check out our Facebook for the latest news and events.

The BigAirBag

The Bugsboarding BigAirBag Fund

We are going to try and install a big air freestyle bag at BugsBoarding! We really want to build an amazing freestyle scene at Bugs and we need your input to help this happen.

In order to fund this installation, we are offering the first hundred people to sign up a 2 year membership to Bugs for £100. This normally costs £400 and will include free riding whenever we’re open, plus unlimited free use of the airbag.

Help us make the Bugsboarding BigAirBag happen!

If we don’t get up to 100 people, then unfortunately we won’t be able to offer the discounted membership and therefore there will be nothing to pay.

The first 20 slots have already been taken, and we need to get the funds together by the end of the summer so we can place our order and have the airbag ready for summer opening next year (2020).

The bag will be suitable for boards, bikes and dirt scooters, so spread the word! (just thinking – how much would it cost to install a strip of dry ski slope so we could open up to snowboarders/skiers too?)

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Join the Bugs air crew and have a t shirt and exclusive membership to an awesome team who design the jumps routes in and best types of events to best promote our individual sports. We want anyone who is keen to ride and get involved to sign up and support us and in return you will get a two year membership worth £400 for your £100 membership fee. It gets you unlimited riding and free camping for two full years and as much input into the build as you can spare or want to partake, we would be grateful for your input the hundred members would be raising £10000 towards a £15000 project so Bugsboarding will be paying the last £5000 and the generator running costs as well as supplying the land ,machines and materials for the site set up

Help us make the Bugsboarding BigAirBag happen!

The BigAirBag