We host a number of events at our Gloucestershire activity centre throughout the year. You’ll find the latest updates and information on upcoming events here.

What’s to come:

Mount Fest Festival: 29th April 2023

Dream Teas & Jam: 20th May 2023

Eeb-it Electric Board Competition: 24th -25th June 2023:

Join us for a weekend of family fun and great competition at our Gloucestershire activity centre as we watch some of the best mountain boarders out there take on the Bugsboarding track on electric mountain boards at the all-terrain open at the activity centre! With space for camping and caravan hook-ups, why not make a weekend of it and join us right the way through to Sunday! Just make sure to get in touch to book your over night spot.

Atba British Championships: 5th-6th August 2023

The All Terrain Boarding Association is the National Governing Body for Mountainboarding in the UK. Following the fantastic success of The UK Mountainboard Championships in 2022, the 2023 championships will be held once again at our Gloucestershire activity centre, Bugsboarding.

Check out the recap video by Aiden Beamish below:

For special requests and to check availability, please feel free to get in touch and check out our news section to see what else we have coming up this year!

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