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As a family run outdoor activity centre, there is endless fun to be had at Bugsboarding. With facilities and tracks designed for mountainboarding, mountain biking, dirt scooting and grass sledging, our activity centre is ideal for weekend trips out or birthday parties.

As frequent hosts of the UK Mountain Board Championships and the Eeb-it Championships, take a look at our world class facilities below:

UK Mountainboard Championships 2022

UK Mountainboarding champs 2022 – FREESTYLE

UK Mountainboarding champs 2022 – BOARDERCROSS
Eeb-it 2022 – Electric All Terrain Open
Eeb-it 2022
Dream Teas & Jam 2022
Dream Teas & Jam 2022
Dream Teas & Jam 2022

Whether you are an extreme-sports enthusiast, looking for a new adrenaline buzz, or a basic novice, there will be something to challenge you at Bugsboarding.

For special requests and to check availability, please feel free to get in touch and check out our news section to see what events we have coming up this year!

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