Bugsboarding Activity Centre Open

We’re back on the scene for 2021, kicking off the season with the introduction of the new air bag, fresh new tracks and much more. Bugsboarding activity centre is now open for the season, so whether it’s family grass sledging, mountain boarding, biking or even a bit of camping that you’re after, we can guarantee there’ll be something for you! The centre provides activities for all ages, and group sizes, so please do get in touch to book, we are open every weekend from April – October and every weekday during the school holidays, give us a ring to book or alternatively feel free to turn up for a great family day out!


The season got underway with sone fresh new tracks being built, suiting mountain boarders of all abilities, alongside the introduction of our new air bag to help you perfect your jumps. For those looking for a new challenge and to improve their tricks safely, the airbag is great and has been a hugely popular addition to the track this year. As always, Mountfest was a huge success this year and we already cannot wait to do it all over again – stay tuned for more events coming up!

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Take a look at our instagram to see Bugsboarding activity centre visitors in action, or for more, check out our Facebook for the latest news and events.