School holidays

Bugsboarding will be open again this year for the school holidays. Starting this Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday .
Each week we will be closing on Mondays and Fridays so make sure your booked up for the other days or on the weekend.
The hill is dry and fast at the moment so don’t miss out.
Bugs Wars is also this month……..more to come shortly..
See you out there.


Open one more day !

Due to popular demand Bugsboarding will be open for one more day – tomorrow – for the last day of the school holidays. Weather forecast good and conditions at the centre are good so head on over while you still can.
If you can’t make tomorrow then don’t worry as the centre buy ambien top web site online will be opening for the usual Saturday and Sunday throughout the year and is available for group bookings in the week prior to arrangement with the Bugs Crew.
Give us a call if you want to book kit and we will see you out on the hill.
Ride on
Bugs Crew

Open for business

Bugsboarding is open for business as from today….lets hope it stays dry . Open all next week for the last week of school holidays, please give us a call or drop an email to the crew to book your slot or just turn up with your own gear to ride.
If you want to help out then bring a rake to earn your free riding.
See you on the hill ….
Bugs Crew

Postponed start to season

Unfortunately we will not be able to open up for the first week of Easter half term. With all this bad weather we have had and now minus temperatures forecast for the week ahead the condition of the site is not good for opening.
We will however be trying to open for the Easter weekend and into the following week.
Sorry to disappoint anyone and if you would still like to book up give us a call or email to see what we can do for you the following week.

2013 season starts soon.

Just to let everyone know, the Bugs crew are coming out of hibernation!
After one of the worst years on record last year with all the snow and now more rain this winter the site is as you would expect very water logged. We all all hoping with fingers tightly crossed that it starts to get better and dry up soon.
We are planning to open at the end of March for all the usual fun and games, with small developments track side and new kit at the centre this year we are also awaiting the new arrival of Dirt Scooters,yes all terrain scooters, these are looking to be a big hit across the country at the moment and we are all sure to see them at Bugs hitting all the usual tracks and jumps.
We will hopefully also be offering these to hire and ride if you fancy a go.

So with 8 weeks to go we are gearing up to have a great 2013.
Hope to see you all there…

Early last year!

Photo of a Dirt Scooter by Royal Scooters

Trampa Challenge & ATB Junkies Film Festival

Yes it’s that time of year again when we hold the almighty Film Festival with the entries this year being at an all best it will be a great evening of Mountainboarding entertainment.
Just to get you in the mood we have the return of the Trampa Challenge during the day which will be a day of fun comps and challenges from the Trampa Crew.
Bugsboarding Crew are as always looking forward to this event and seeing you…….!

If your wanting to hire kit to ride this weekend get in touch and book your gear by phone or email.

Bugs Crew.