The Team

Bugsboarding staff and helpers.
Buggs – Buggs is one of the 2 founders. A farmer who was convinced by school days friend AJ to set up a mountainboard centre as a farm diversification project. His family owned the perfect site for a mountainboard centre and it just went from there. Bugs is often found at the centre mowing and maintaining the site during the week and operating the centre at the weekends.

AJ – AJ is one of the founders of Bugsboarding and a well known in the Mountainboard industry. Started off in the industry as a rider. From there he progressed to working for Maxtrack, the company who distribute MBS Mountainboards in Europe. He has successfully established and managed the MBS Pro Rider team, Pro ramp demos and events and is still involved in the research and development side of things with the MBS products.

Nina – Nina is Buggs’ wife and helps out at the centre from time to time.

Joe Diamond – One of our bike/board buddies that has now become one of our top instructors at the centre order soma 500 mg cheapest that helps with everything else too. When not out teaching on the hill he’s normally sitting chillin or out shredding.

Joe Dickson – Joe is one of the UK’s top riders and a British Elite Freestyle Champion, close friends with AJ and in the MBS Pro team, Joe has been at Bugsboarding since the beginning helping out with everything from teaching, building , riding and designing.

Dom Etchells – Dom has been spending his winters in the alps snowboarding and his summers helping out at Bugsboarding for the last few seasons.

Tom Beaton – Tom is our website guy and has helped us get this far with the site. He works with MBS Mountainboards and is responsible for a lot of the work you see from MBS.

Jimmy – Friend of Buggs has been with the centre from the beginning and helps out most weekends when he can from teaching to building and looking after the team.

Other Instructors
Ben Searle
Emlyn Bainbridge
Ben Boulton
Dan Skipp
Ross Simpson
Amon Shaw
Finn Parry

Bugsboarding Mountainboard Team
Joe Dickson
Connor Tyson
Matt Wright
Emlyn Bainbridge
Renny Myles
Amon Shaw
Ben Searle